Preparing the campus for fall 2026 implementation



Today, Cal Poly is the last campus within the California State University system still on the quarter calendar. At the request of the Office of the Chancellor, the university was informed in October of 2021 that it would begin the process of converting to a semester calendar, which would be implemented by the start of the 2026-2027 academic year.

In his announcement message, President Armstrong shared that this can be an opportunity to

  • "achieve greater pedagogical depth in courses at all levels;"
  • "retain some fast-paced courses by having terms of variable lengths, as we do during summer;"
  • "rethink how to balance teaching and research for faculty;" and
  • "revisit curricular priorities across the curriculum."

In a message sent shortly after the president's announcement, Provost Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, the Academic Senate Chair, and the college Deans shared their vision for this process as "an opportunity to review and discuss our curriculum, simplify academic pathways for our transfer students, as well as continue to support and enhance the Teacher-Scholar Model and Learn by Doing — all while retaining the variety of our learning outcomes." 

These messages and others can be found on our "Campus Communications" page.


About This Site

The campus is in the very early phases of this process. In time, this website will be updated to show the approved conversion plan, including timelines, steering task force, academic advising guidelines, and more.

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